About Me

This is Dr. June Rousso’s Story!  

juneOver the years working as a psychotherapist and through life experience, I have come to realize the powerful impact that healthy diet and lifestyle choices can have in our lives. While most of us know what we need to do in terms of diet and lifestyle, guidance along the way provides support and points out road blocks so that we can move forward to achieve our goals. Along with working as a psychotherapist and nutritional consultant, I have a weekly nutrition blog designed to educate people about diet, lifestyle, and the healing properties of food. The ultimate goal is to help people make more informed health choices.
In terms of diet and lifestyle, there are many changes that have helped people lead healthier and happier lives. For myself, the most helpful step was to eliminate processed foods from my diet as much as possible, find a suitable exercise routine, learn to relax and try laugh more, and to avoid toxic relationships in my life. When symptoms appear, I seek out answers before resorting to medications that can often mask what truly ails us. In most instances, food and supplementation is my medicine. These are some of the practices that I try to convey when working with people seeking guidance. Every diet/lifestyle program is tailored toward a person’s individual needs.

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